O'Right Golden Rose Color Care Conditioner

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Keep your hair color at its best with O'right Golden Rose Color Care Conditioner Green Formula. Golden Rose Essential Oil works to hydrate and add shine, whilst botanical smoothing ingredients have been added to help moisturize color-treated locks. The key extract of wasabi has been mixed into the conditioner to not only preserve hair color but also give it a reviving, radiant boost.

With 90.5% of the formula's ingredients being natural, you can rest assured that your hair will be cared for without further chemical damage. The brand, who are completely committed to being eco-friendly, have designed a biodegradable bottle packaging so that you can continue being green once your product has run out. When planted, the bottle disintegrates over the course of a year.

  • PPD-Free
  • Helps preserve hair color
  • Adds moisture and shine