Mastey Teinture Permanent Hair Color 11.23 Super Ultra Light Beige Blonde

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Our unique combination of ingredients repairs and re-moisturizes your hair while giving you long lasting healthy beautiful color. Mastey uses a combination of naturally derived and some organic ingredients to provide the hair stylist with the gentlest hair color formula. Made with vegetable derived moisturizers and Rice Amino Acids for hair repair and reconstruction, Mastey Hair Color offers a vegan and gluten free conditioning system that is built into the color process. We also use Organic Argan Oil, Organic Olive Oil and Natural Grape Seed Extract to protect the hair from heat, provide softness and natural shine, and to protect and prolong the life of hair color. NO PPD Reduces the chances of allergic reaction or discomfort. Our PPD substitute Toluene 2,5 Diamine Sulfate is 2.5 - 5 times less allergen than PPD based on European Union Studies on hair colorants. NO AMMONIA Since 1982 we have formulated No Ammonia color and since there is no ammonia in our hair color it reduces the damage done by traditional salon and at home colors. Less damage means healthier more beautiful looking hair and happier salon clients. NO RESORCINOL As an alternative to the toxic skin irritant resorcinol Mastey uses the gentler non toxic 2-methylresorcinol or 4-Chlororesorcinol which is less harsh on the skin. NO STAIN DYES Mastey hair colors are made with only oxidative dyes, so you don't have to worry about skin staining or hair color that gets darker over time do to overlapping. AMAZING GRAY COVERAGE Using our double naturals or formulating your own gray color formulas, Mastey delivers 100% gray coverage while making the hair look and feel softer. You can view this stylist training video on how to get the best gray coverage you have ever experienced in a pofessional hair color. With Mastey Hair Color your clients will always have healthy beautiful naturally vibrant hair color that does not fade off tone and lasts longer than other salon brands.

  • PPD Free
  • Rice Amino Acid conditioning to help repair, rebuild, and restore your hair to a more natural and healthy condition while coloring.
  • Vegetable derived natural moisture factors to provide natural moisture to your hair as it colors.
  • Eco Conscious Products for a gentler and healthier experience for your hair.