All Nutrient Hair Color Cream 3.5 oz 5G Medium Gold Brown

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All Nutrient Hair Color Cream 3.5 oz 5G Medium Gold Brown

All-Nutrient Haircolor is a completely certified organic based haircolor. What sets All-Nutrient Haircolor apart from other haircolor companies is their U.S.A. based manufacturing facility, which conducts ongoing research and development in their own lab and continues this process by manufacturing all of their products.


  • All Nutrient Hair Color Cream 3.5 oz 5G Medium Gold Brown
  • 5G Medium Gold Brown
  • Organic

    The Research of haircolor is the most important focus of why All-Nutrient is respected as a superior product by leading professional haircolorists. All-Nutrient uses a totally different haircolor cream base to open the cuticle, for faster and more penetrating haircolor results. All-Nutrient's Certified Organic Cream Base is made of natural pure oils and keratin protein to allow for a gentler penetration of haircolor pigment with a greater depth and intensity of color. This sulfate-free cream base produces less fadage, even with reds, longer-lasting color and healthier hair.

    There are two research innovations that All-Nutrient has developed that make their haircolor perform above and beyond the rest. Their special "Maximum Pigment System" and their "Microprotein System" are what make this professional haircolor very different from all other competitve brands. All-Nutrient Haircolor uses an unusual amount of extra conditioning agents to leave hair in superior condition and with a greater deposit of haircolor. The Maximum Pigment System utilizes a double pigment system that ensures longer lasting haircolor which creates more dimension, more depth and much less fading.

    The mult-dimensional molecular structure of their Microprotein System allows the haircolor to thoroughly penetrate all levels of the hair shaft, allowing haircolor to last much longer and the hair to remain healthier. This complex system remains the best possible 100% vegan hair keratin based products with no animal by products.

    • Certified Organic
    • Long lasting color
    • Sulfate-free cream base produces less fadage