O'Right Organic Tea Tree Purifying Scalp Spray

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With natural and refreshing phytoncides, tea tree oil, allantoin and anti-microbial properties, O'Right Organic Tea Tree Purifying Scalp Spray can relieve and purify the scalp while leaving a healthy, invigorating feeling. Comes in an attractive retail "Seeds Inside" box that is made of biodegradable cardboard, printed with soy inks and contains seeds that will grow flowers after the box has been discarded and broken down.
  • Relieves itch and irritation by purifying the scalp with certified organic ingredients.
  • Clarifies pores and leaves the scalp feeling invigorated and healthy using soothing natural mint extracts.
  • Contains natural and refreshing phytoncide, providing a powerful anti-microbial effect.
  • Contains Perilla Extract, creating a powerful antiseptic effect.
  • Regular daily use will not only relieve itchy and irritated scalps, but it will also promote general scalp health.